LawCorner is about real people, living real lives.

Lives that are busy and complicated, and where unexpected problems crop up. They are baristas, shopkeepers, office workers, tradies, small business people, nurses and professionals. They are fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers.

Every day, thousands of people wake up to face a legal problem in their business or personal lives, leaving them feeling vulnerable and uncertain about where to turn for help.

Every day someone’s husband leaves, a worker is bullied into resigning, a small business owner gets a letter of demand, a bread winner hurts his back at work, a daughter is left out of a Will and a doctor’s negligence leaves a someone with an injury.

Our mission is to give peace of mind and confidence to everyday Aussies facing legal problems.

We believe everyone should have access to no-nonsense, practical legal information when they need it.

We believe that finding a good lawyer shouldn’t be about sifting through fancy corporate logos in the Yellow Pages. It should be personal, because legal stuff is personal.

That’s why we built LawCorner.

Kim McFayden

Founder/CEO of LawCorner